Safety is a primary concern at MegaTrampoline. All of our equipment is newly installed, inspected daily, and rigorously maintained. In order to provide a safe experience for all our guests, we require every jumper to observe the following rules:

  • Remove loose jewelry, keychains, or any other loose items.
  • No shoes are permitted on the courts. For your safety, all jumpers must wear grip socks designed to minimize slipping on the trampoline. To insure all jumpers have footwear appropriately designed for this purpose, these must be purchased at Megatrampoline only. The socks can be purchased for $3.00 and are reusable.
  • Food and drink must be purchased onsite and may not be carried in.
  • No food or drink allowed on court or platform.
  • Only one person may be on any trampoline at any one time
  • No flips across pads into another trampoline, and no flips into the foam pit.
  • An acknowledgement of risk & waiver must be signed for all participants.
  • Each of our activities is monitored by trained staff. Monitor instructions must be followed at all times.
  • Individual jumpers must weigh less than 250 pounds. This is based on the manufacturer’s rating for our equipment and is for your safety.



Under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian signed waiver.

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